The Simplified Guide to Extreme Couponing

extreme couponing for beginners

Extreme Couponing Made Easy!

Extreme couponing is the ultimate method for saving a significant amount of money on everyday products. If you’ve ever seen the TLC show Extreme Couponers, or heard of the woman who fed 30,000 people for free with extreme couponing, you’re probably intrigued. And if you’ve ever tried Googling “How to extreme coupon” you’re probably also overwhelmed with the effort that can go into it. I’m here to tell you that you can get stuff super cheap, without devoting your life to clipping searching and collecting deals.

The Basics of Extreme Couponing

To sum it up, extreme couponing is the act of using multiple coupons and rebate offers from different origins, on any one product. Typically, stores allow you to combine their store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons, thus giving you the best possible savings. The ultimate goal here is to get some sort of store coupon, whether it is item specific (i.e CVS coupons for $2 off any shampoo), or general (i.e CVS 30% off storewide coupon), and combine it with a manufacturers coupon (i.e $1.00 off Pantene Pro-V from P&G – the manufacturer). The really good deals (this is what separates the rookies from the pros) are also combined rebates or cash back offers.

Where to Find “Extreme” Coupons

Store Coupons:

  1. The retailers weekly ad
  2. Loyalty/Member card exclusive coupons – like CVS ExtraCare. Sign up for the FREE drugstore reward cards – I promise you won’t regret it!
  3. Directly on the product. Sometimes on certain products you’ll see a “Save $.50 now” coupon taped to it

Manufacturer Coupons:

  1. Circulars and ads through the mail – like RedPlum
  2. Online – or look for coupons directly on the manufacturers website and print them

Cash Back Offers:

  1. Ibotta App – They offer cash back on thousands of products. Always check Ibotta
  2. Manufacturer Rebates – by looking directly on the manufacturer’s website, or simply Google “___ Rebate Form” to see if there are rebates being offered for that product

How to Use the Coupons

  1. Understand the store’s policy – Make sure the store allows you to combine store and manufacturer coupons. Most do. CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart – all accept coupons on top of their normal deals
  2. Have your coupons organized – Be ready to hand the cashier all of your coupons, and group the coupons by product so it’s easier on them

How to Get Started Now

I will walk you through a step-by-step example so you can start saving money NOW!

1) Pick a product that you need. 

For this example, I am going to choose shampoo.

2) Go on, and under “Category” search for your product.  

I found a couple different coupons for shampoo, but one for L’Oreal Ever was offering significant savings, and I like that shampoo, so I’m going to try and extreme coupon my way to cheap or free L’Oreal Ever Shampoo. I now have a $2.00 off any 1 shampoo coupon.


3) Go to and under “Weekly Ad and Coupons” see if there are any coupons for this particular product. 

There were no specific coupons for this shampoo.

4) Check Walgreens to make sure there are no storewide coupons, like 10% off.

There were no storewide discount coupons. Moving on to the next retailer.

5) Go to and under “ExtraCare”, logon to your ExtraCare account and look for available coupons for your particular product.

I found one for $3.00 off any one bottle of L’Oreal Ever. Send to card.

6) Whichever retailer you find a coupon through, check their price for that product.

At the time of this writing, the shampoo was on sale for $6.99

7) Look for Cash-back offers through Ibotta

Wouldn’t you know it, Ibotta has a $1.50 cash back offer for any one bottle of L’Oreal Ever!

8) Google “rebates for {Your Product}”

L’Oreal is not offering rebates for this shampoo right now. But if you find a rebate for your product, print out the form, fill it out, mail it in, and wait for your check.

9) Calculate what your final price would be, and make sure it’s a good deal

Generally you want to save between 80-100% on the product. Here’s the breakdown for my shampoo:

Starting price for L’Oreal Ever Shampoo: $6.99

Manufacturer’s coupon: – $2.00

CVS ExtraCare Coupon: – $3.00

Ibotta cash-back offer: -$1.50

Total price for Shampoo: $.49


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