Never Pay for Household/Personal Care Items Again, by Following These Simple Steps


Ready to take your Extreme Couponing to the next level? In this guide, I taught you the simple method for getting everyday items (shampoo, razors, soap) for a small fraction of their original cost. Now that you’ve hopefully gotten familiar with couponing, I’m going to let you in on my secret on how I never have to pay for household/personal care goods. I get everything you see in the picture above, and more, without spending a dime of my own money – and I do this regularly. Overall, the amount I’ve saved my family with not having to purchase these things, is about $900/year. So keep reading! Because trust me, that $900 you can save would be better spent on a tropical vacation!

My Secret for Getting Free Personal and Household Goods

# 1 – I plan ahead, and stock up

# 2 – I combine manufacturer and retail (CVS) coupons to get the items I need for a small fraction of their original price

# 3 – I take surveys through SwagBucks and earn CVS giftcards to pay for the remaining amount

# 1 – Plan Ahead, and Stock Up

When it comes to getting these drugstore goods for free, you need to plan ahead. Running out of toilet paper before realizing you need more is a sure-fire way to run to the drugstore without coupons, and end up paying full price. Think of things you will need in the near future (the next month or so). Stocking up on necessities is a great way to ensure you don’t buy them on impulse. So, make a list of what you will need in advance, and start planning out your shopping trip. I make drugstore runs once per month, which allows me enough time to prepare for each trip in advance, so that I can look for coupons and earn gift cards.


# 2 –  Combine Coupons to ensure your items will be extremely discounted

Following this guide, you should look for manufacturing coupons, store coupons, and any applicable rebates for the things you need. I am part of CVS’ free rewards program ExtraCare. They send out store-wide discounts to all members via email, each week. I always wait to stock up on my household goods until I receive a 30% off coupon, which they send out typically every-other week. Using the manufacturers coupons, and combining with CVS’ product-specific coupons and store-wide discounts, I am able to get my household/personal care goods haul down to a very low amount. This past month, I had enough coupons to get everything you see pictured above for $11. But I didn’t stop there…

#3 – Sign up for SwagBucks, take surveys, and earn CVS giftcards.

Swagbucks is the easiest way I have found to earn giftcards. You take surveys, watch movie trailers, and more activities, in exchange for what is called  “swagbucks”. They offer multiple surveys and activities per day, and they range anywhere from 10-300 swagbucks (SBs) per survey. By taking their daily poll, which takes less than a minute in my experience you get 60 SBs. Once you hit $500 SBs, you can exchange it for a giftcard from tons of different retailers. I typically spend about 10-15 minutes on Swagbucks surveys per day, and I see a $30-$40 payout per month. While that may not seem like much, it’s a no-brainer for me. I just do the surveys while walking the treadmill or on my break at work, just to pass the time by, and I get rewarded. By cashing in your SBs for CVS giftcards, you’ll ensure you never have to pay for personal care or household items again, like me!

Here’s the breakdown for my latest CVS Haul:

Original Prices:

Head n Shoulders: $5.99 each – so $11.98 total

CVS Brand Laundry Detergent – $4.99

Venus Razors – $7.99

Bounty Papertowels – $4.99

Scott Toilet Paper – $6.99

Softsoap – $1.79

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste Double Pack – $7.99

Colgate Cavity Protection – $1.99

Total Cost: $48.71

CVS ExtraCare Store-wide Discount Coupon:

30% coupon = $14.61

Remaining Total: $34.10

Manufacturer’s Coupons (found through

Head n Shoulders: $1 off

Venus Razors – $3.00

Scott Toilet Paper 6 ct or more – $1 off, plus $.50 of sticker on package = $1.50 off

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste 2-pack – $2.00 off

Total Savings: $7.50

Remaining Total: $26.60

CVS ExtraCare Product Coupons:

Head n Shoulders – buy-one-get-one-free

Venus Razors – Save $3 on any disposable razors

Paper Towels – save $1 on any brand paper towels

Toothpaste – Save $3 on any (2) toothpastes

Laundry Detergent – Save $2 on any CVS brand laundry detergent

Total Savings: $14.99

Remaining Total: $11.61

Giftcard amount earned this month with SwagBucks:


Final Total: $0, with $8.39 left on my CVS gift card

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