Dollar Store Beach-Themed Candle


This DIY Beach-themed Candle will Cost You $5

Materials Needed:

1 cylindrical vase ($1 at Dollar Tree)

2 tall candle holders ($1 each at Dollar Tree)

2′ of either Jute or hemp rope ($1 at Dollar Tree)

Candle ($1 at Dollar Tree)

Sand – from your local beach, or craft store

Large Seashells – from your local beach, or the Dollar Tree

Mini seashells – from your local beach or Dollar Tree

Hot Glue Gun, or any strong glue



  1. Begin by measuring out the rope by wrapping around the vase 4 times. Cut the rope to that size.
  2. Glue the rope. I started by placing some hot glue around the very bottom of the base. I then wrapped the rope around, and every time I started a new line with the rope, I added more glue. Ensure that the placement is tight, and that you allow the glue to dry afterwards
  3. Place the mini seashells in the hollow of BOTH tall candle holders
  4. place hot glue around the rim of the candle holder
  5. You will need to place one candle holder upside down over the other. In order to do this without the shells falling out, place a piece of paper or thin cardstock over the top. Flip the holder over, and align it with the rim of the upright candle holder. Position the upside down holder to where it’s almost touching the hot glue, and then quickly remove the cardstock or paper as you press the upside down holder firmly on the upright one. Allow the glue to dry (roughly 30 minutes)
  6. Put hot glue over the base of the upside down candle holder, and place the vase on top of it, pressing down firmly to ensure good contact
  7. Now that you have your candle holder intact, you can add the sand, shells and candles to complete the piece

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