25 Date Night Ideas for Under $25

You’re probably familiar with the philosophy of “date your husband”, but you’re probably more familiar with the drop in your stomach when you realize you just spent $95 on dinner and a movie. Date night doesn’t have to be expensive, and in fact, some of the best dates I’ve had with my husband have also been some of the cheapest. Here are 25 unique date ideas that beat the hell out of “netflix and chill”.

  1. Wine & Paint Night – Head to Groupon.com and search “painting and wine”. Instructor-led painting classes are all the rage these days. And they usually let you bring your own wine.
  2. Beers & Pool – Visit your local dive bar and grab a couple of cheap beers while challenging each other to a game of pool
  3. Outdoor Movie – Many cities offer “movie under the stars” or drive in movies that have free-to-dirt-cheap admission.
  4. Bike around your city, and stop for a glass of wine (or 2)
  5. Play Bocce at the Park – Invest in a bocce ball set, and keep it in your trunk. Playing a game of bocce while having a (concealed) beer in the park is my favorite way to spend an afternoon.
  6. Happy Hour – Look up the best cheap happy hours in your area through Thrillist.com or yelp.
  7. Roast S’mores on your BBQ
  8. Wine tasting – either visit a local winery and buy some tastings, or do your own at home wine tasting by purchasing a few $5-$7 bottles you haven’t tried yet.
  9. Start a DIY project – Check out the DIY feed on Pinterest. Just make sure any materials you have to buy are under $25!
  10. Wine, Cheese & Game Night – Get a couple different cheeses and accompaniments, buy a bottle of wine, and eat and drink while playing your favorite board game. I swear there’s nothing that brings people together more than a fun game and some wine!
  11. Take a hike
  12. Play mini golf
  13. Rent a kayak for two – If you live around a body of water, look on Groupon for kayaks or paddleboards. You can usually find rentals for $15-$20/hr.
  14. Self-guided Beer Tour – Look up “breweries” on Google maps. Find an area that has multiple breweries, and walk around to the different breweries, trying tasters of your favorite types of beer. My husband and I like picking one type of beer (i.e IPA), and trying it at each brewery and voting on which one we liked the best.
  15. Plan a vacation while sharing a beer – Head to your local pub with wifi, and sip a beer while planning your next vacation out.
  16. Let Groupon surprise you – Go to the “Things to do” tab in Groupon, set the filter to a $25 max, and pick out the most appealing activity.
  17. Double date fondue night – Invite another couple over. Ask them to bring a bottle of wine over. Then get the ingredients for a cheese fondue (or buy a pre-made kit) and get a loaf of french bread, apples, meats and veggies for dipping. Don’t have a fondue set? No problem, Crockpots work perfectly.
  18. Self-guided food tour through your city – Look for an area near you that has a few restaurants in close proximity. Have one appetizer at each stop. My husband and I have done this in downtown San Diego, and we typically make it to 3 or 4 spots on our $25 budget. You will be full and get to try new restaurants!
  19. Sunset walk and ice cream – Take a stroll in the evening and catch the sunset. After you watch the sunset, walk to your favorite ice cream shop and continue strolling while you indulge.
  20. Ice Cream sundae bar and a movie – Set up an ice cream sundae bar complete with toppings, and pig out while you watch a movie on TV or Netflix.
  21. Design a scrapbook photo album – Buy a scrap book album (~$5-$10), some stickers with cute sayings and designs, and print out pictures from your lives together. Spend the evening scrap booking while drinking your favorite cocktail.
  22. Go to a minor league sporting event – In my city we have minor league hockey, and minor league baseball. Tickets are MUCH cheaper than major league events (often under $10 per ticket).
  23. Cocktails and Culture – Visit a cheap or free museum, and follow it up with some cocktails at a nearby bar.
  24. Dollar Store DIY Challenge – Go to the Dollar Store together and think of something you can make with ONLY Dollar Store items. Go home and put your DIY craft together, and see whose turned out better. Here’s a tip – since you likely won’t spend all $25 on your craft supplies, load up on some snacks while you’re there so you can munch on goodies during the challenge.
  25. Cocktails for Dessert – Look up a recipe for delicious out-of-the-box cocktails, and buy the ingredients. Have a cheap dinner (we like taco shop burritos) and make a couple craft cocktails. My favorite is a Reeces Peanut Butter Martini.

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